Y2J-isms: Our Five Favorite Chris Jericho Catchphrases

“Welcome to RAW IS JERICHO!”

From the moment his “Countdown to the Millennium” ended and he made his WWE debut (WATCH), Chris Jericho made it clear that he believed the Monday night spotlight should be on him. He interrupted one of the biggest Superstars in history, The Rock, to declare that WWE’s flagship show was now … well, him.

Over the years, Jericho has created many unforgettable Raw moments that would give him good reason to petition WWE to formally change the name of the show. From his explosive debut and returns to his thrilling Undisputed WWE Championship Match against Triple H to the grilling he put his fellow Superstars through on his “Highlight Reel,” Chris Jericho has proven that Monday nights are just a bit more exciting when “Raw is Jericho!”