Undertaker artifacts from the WWE vault

Demonic symbol from Raw on Dec. 7, 1998

The Undertaker didn’t do polite, but he was never as wicked as he was in 1998. Then the satanic leader of a cult of demons he dubbed his Ministry of Darkness, The Deadman waged a dark war against “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Mr. McMahon’s family with the depraved intentions of a man turned monster.

As The Phenom’s rivalry with The Texas Rattlesnake roared on, the two Superstars faced off in a wild tag team main event on the Dec. 7, 1998, edition of Raw, pitting The Undertaker & The Rock against Austin & Mankind. As the enemies brawled at ringside, The Deadman knocked “Stone Cold” silly with a steel chair and then carried his limp body to the top of the entrance ramp. There, The Undertaker was met by a group of druids dressed in black cloaks who tied Austin to the demonic symbol seen above. The emblem was then hoisted into the air so the WWE Universe could see what The Deadman had done to their hero. Few moments in WWE history have ignited as much controversy.