Undertaker artifacts from the WWE vault

There is an unmarked building somewhere along the eastern seaboard that contains more pieces of WWE history than a dozen WrestleMania highlight reels. It is the WWE vault and inside the sprawling, cavernous building sits crates teeming with championship titles, wardrobes filled with unmistakable ring gear and even a Punjabi prison.

The warehouse is a wonderland for any sports-entertainment fan, but it’s harder to get into than Yale. Luckily, WWE Classics has a friend on the inside. WWE’s resident archivist Benjamin Brown used his security clearances to grant us access to WWE’s best kept secret and then offered us a guided tour through wrestling history.

This month, we looked at caskets, urns and even a certain symbol used by The Undertaker during his two decades of destruction in WWE. Join us on our journey to the dark side. Just don’t touch anything. (PHOTOS)