The evolution of Trish Stratus

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February 27, 2013

Many people enter the world of sports-entertainment dreaming of it being a gateway to fame and fortune. Few have the drive to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve it.

Trish Stratus is one of those few who would not quit until she achieved her goals. Introduced to WWE fans as eye candy in 2000, the Canadian-born Diva had become a seven-time Women’s Champion and the mastermind of a yoga empire by the time she retired in 2006.

“She has the drive of a champion,” her onetime charge Tensai told “Very few have it. She would take nothing for granted and she wouldn’t settle for second best.”

In celebration of, perhaps, Trish Stratus’ biggest achievement — induction into the WWE Hall of Fame — take a look back at the key moments from the blond bombshell’s legendary career that made her the greatest Diva of all time. (PHOTOS | VIDEO PLAYLIST)

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