The 50 coolest maneuvers of all time

Pro wrestlers have been dishing out cool moves since the early 1900s when Frank Gotch was suplexing dudes. The game has evolved like X-Men since then (ever take a few years off watching wrestling and come back to find guys doing things you never thought possible?), but the most impressive maneuvers have stood the test of time.

Did you know these 15 moves existed?

Today, every Superstar has awesome moves. Hell, Chris Jericho has 1,004 of them. But which are the coolest? We ranked the 50 holds, strikes and dives that would've made Mr. McMahon shout, "What a maneuver!" if he was still sitting at the commentary booth.

Which Superstars with shared finishing maneuvers did it better?

And what exactly do we mean by coolest? If you were cool you wouldn’t be asking that question.