The 25 greatest mic moments in wrestling history

#8 “You turn the camera off and I’ll be naked when you come back.” — Ric Flair on Dec. 28, 1998 in WCW

At Starrcade 1998, Ric Flair was defeated by WCW President and nWo corporate mastermind Eric Bischoff following interference from Curt Hennig. The next night on Nitro, The Nature Boy delivered perhaps the single greatest — and certainly the wildest — interview of his illustrious career.

Addressing an excited Baltimore crowd, Flair refuted Bischoff’s claims that he was broke as only Slick Ric can. Undressing while describing his expensive wardrobe in detail, The Nature Boy reminded the world that he was, “custom-made from head to toe!” Flair ripped up $100 bills, threw his Gucci shoes into the crowd and elbow-dropped the mat while in his boxers. The rant ended on an even nuttier note as Flair handcuffed himself to the ropes and threatened to disrobe completely as the show went to commercial break. Thankfully, Naitch never went that far. — K.P.