The 10 manliest moments in wrestling history

Men. They’re all made up of the same basic parts — 206 bones, 32 teeth, 10 fingers, 10 toes — yet they are not all made the same. How else can you explain Mark Henry’s ability to lift the 172-pound Thomas Inch dumbbell above his head with one hand? Or Antonio Cesaro’s talent for yoking 400-pounders and then spinning in a circle like Superman readying to whip a bad guy out of Earth’s orbit?

Superstars like Henry and Cesaro aren’t just men, they’re manly men and their displays of Jurassic strength and swaggering machismo have inspired this list. These are the moments in sports-entertainment history that have taken the tenets of masculinity — guts, strength, resolve — and amped them up to levels of absurdity, presented by Old Spice. Smellcome to manhood.