Sports-entertainment's 20 most bizarre hometowns

There was a time when you understood where your professional wrestlers were coming from. They were burly men raised in Kansas City, Mo., Robbinsdale, Minn., or Denton, Texas. And then guys started getting cute. It was Deepest, Darkest Africa, Dreamland, U.S.A., or, God help us, The Environment. These weren’t places you could plug into your GPS and drive to. They were goofs!

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Now, admittedly, some of these imagined hometowns were awesome (Wandering along the roads of U.S. Route 190) and a lot of them weren’t (Mt. Trashmore, Fla.), but they were all bizarre. So take a trip with as we visit 20 of these bad lands from Nastyville to Dudleyville. Just don't say, "Are we there yet?"