Brock Lesnar's world of hurt

Brock Lesnar tears The Hardys in half

It really didn't matter who Paul Heyman targeted for Brock Lesnar when The Next Big Thing made his debut on the night after WrestleMania X8. Whoever it was, they were about to learn what this monster was capable of very quickly. The unlucky selections ended up being Matt and Jeff, the brothers Hardy.

Less than one month after Lesnar made his first appearance, The Hardys attempted to take him out with steel chairs, but the big man didn't even leave his feet. The very next week, Brock inserted himself into The Hardys' tag team contest, and nailed Matt with a devastating F-5 onto the steel stage.

In Brock's pay-per-view debut at Backlash 2002, Jeff's Swanton Bomb wasn't enough to stop the towering Minnesotan. Lesnar delivered an F-5, and followed his signature maneuver with three monstrous powerbombs. With his opponent no longer able to compete, the referee stopped the match and awarded the victory to Lesnar.

The following night on Raw, Brock destroyed Matt in similar fashion. But Brock wasn't done with the high-flying siblings. Later that summer, a thrilled Matt was assigned a match against Lesnar on SmackDown. Matt might have been gutsy, but he didn't have a prayer. With a grinning Heyman at ringside, Brock systematically picked this Hardy brother apart before delivering a vicious F-5 for the pinfall.