20 underrated rivalries

Professional wrestling’s timeline of history is scored by unforgettably bitter rivalries — Hogan vs. Andre, Bret vs. Shawn, Rock vs. Austin. Countless battles have been waged on the canvas, but not all get the attention they deserve.

VIDEOS: Watch these rivalries unfold | PHOTOS: See rare snapshots of the battles

WWEClassics.com dug deep to shine the spotlight on 20 uncommonly vicious grudges — including the contest that resulted in Rey Mysterio briefly losing his mask and the career-defining conflict between William Regal and Fit Finlay — that have been all but lost to time. Hear directly from  some of the combatants who endured these struggles, andgain a unique and fascinating look inside some of the most compelling, yet underrated, rivalries of all time. Presented by “Grudge Match,” in theaters Dec. 25.