What a maneuver! 15 moves that really exist

Heart Punch

Few moves in wrestling lore have ever been as feared as the Heart Punch. Though the men who mastered it may have been vicious brutes, the devastating blow required an innate knowledge of the cardiovascular system.

The Heart Punch is as simple as it sounds — a straight punch to the chest. It’s rumored, however, the anatomy of the move is based on the idea of pressure points located throughout the body. The Heart Punch targets one such point that allegedly stops the heart, albeit temporarily.

Stan “The Man” Stasiak built a reputation on the Heart Punch, eventually leading him to the WWE Championship. However, no one was ever as reviled for his use of the maneuver as Ox Baker. The mountainous grappler traveled the territories, frightening audiences as he clocked foe after foe in the ticker. Legend has it that Baker actually killed two competitors with the devastating blow. Though no evidence to confirm such allegations exists, Ox is scary enough for us to believe them.

The last competitor to use the Heart Punch was Crush when he returned to WWE in 1996. Since then, no Superstar has attempted to learn the brutal strike. Perhaps there should be mandatory lessons on pressure points in wrestling school. (WATCH)