15 truly baffling mic moments

Don't feel too bad, Brian Williams. You're not the only guy who got it screwed up in your mind.

For every Rock, CM Punk or “Nature Boy” who uses scintillating trash talk to build intrigue, cut down opponents or capture the imagination of the WWE Universe, there are just as many instances of Superstars getting tongue-tied and delivering messages that probably sounded better in their heads than they did on the microphone. Other times, Superstars say exactly what they mean and yet the point of their speech still confounds, or at least eludes, anyone who’s watching.

Watch these 15 bizarre interview segments

But just because these swings-and-misses might not have resonated with their audiences, they’re still fun to watch, right? As “Jumpin’” Jeff Farmer might say, “Yep!” With that in mind, here are 15 examples of Superstar interviews that went terribly awry, boggled the WWE Universe or were just plain weird. This time, we’re going full force!