The bitter history between Big Show and Triple H

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November 04, 2013

The extreme tension between Big Show and Triple H isn’t just about what’s “best for business.” It’s not simply about The World’s Largest Athlete knocking out the WWE COO with his massive fist. It’s not about Triple H buying Big Show’s mortgage and evicting the giant from his home.

No, the rivalry between these two legendary Superstars goes further back in WWE history than most people realize. These two titans of the ring have been clashing for nearly 15 years. Broken bones, World Championships and personal pride have all played a part in the bitter battles between The Game and Big Show.

With the latest chapter in this rivalry resulting in Triple H banning Big Show from WWE for life, felt it was time to dig a little deeper to find out why these two Superstars can never get along.

Photos of the heated rivalry | Watch the tension boil over

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