Camp WWE Season 1 episode details

Camp WWE Season 1 episode details

Imagine WWE Superstars and Legends when they were kids at their favorite summer camp ... owned by none other than Mr. McMahon! Camp WWE will show fans a side of the WWE they have never seen before.

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This all-new, in-your-face, adult animated comedy series created in partnership with Seth Green’s Stoopid Buddy Stoodios will be available exclusively in the WWE Network's video-on-demand library, starting May 1 after WWE Payback. To give subscribers a preview of what to expect with this hilarious new series, has the episode titles and descriptions for the first season.

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Episode 1: “There’s No Place Like Camp”

When Mr. McMahon discovers John Cena misses home, he enlists his counselors to help prevent a camp-wide outbreak of homesickness.

Episode 2: "Not Without My Eyebrow"

Panic ensues after someone shaves off The Rock’s eyebrow and Ric Flair is tasked with helping The Great One regain his mojo.

Episode 3: "Survival Weekend"

Sgt. Slaughter drags campers away for a Survival Weekend while Mr. McMahon's favorite weekend of the year turns into a nightmare.

Episode 4: "Vince Is Just Not That Into You"

Triple H takes Mr. McMahon out on a date to win his approval while John Cena and Mark Henry team up to welcome an unexpected addition to Camp WWE.

Episode 5: "A Family McMahon"

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin’s pranks drive Mr. McMahon to quit while Nikki Bella must refine Bray Wyatt so he doesn’t ruin the annual Camp WWE dance.

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