Bollywood star Varun Dhawan is ready for “one crazy Live show” in New Delhi

Bollywood star Varun Dhawan is ready for WWE Live Supershow in New Delhi on Saturday, 9 December.

Turns out that Varun Dhawan, one of Bollywood’s biggest stars, is a huge WWE fan. On Thursday, Dhawan expressed his enthusiasm on social media over WWE Live’s Supershow in New Delhi on Saturday, 9 December, which in turn garnered a nod from The Shield’s Seth Rollins.

The idea of seeing Triple H wrestle in India again after 15 years, against the country’s own Jinder Mahal no less, prompted the star of the upcoming “Judwaa 2” and “October” to take to Twitter (@Varun_dvn) and discuss the Supershow in Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium. Dhawan was particularly animated when referencing The Hounds of Justice, and described that the 9 December event was going to be “one crazy Live show.”

Dhawan’s post did not go unnoticed by The Kingslayer, who replied to the star with a tweet of his own:

One can assume from Rollins’ post that he has effectively invited Dhawan to see The Shield, Triple H, Jinder Mahal and Raw’s Superstars in WWE Live action on 9 December. Of course, it’s an invitation that is extended to the entire WWE Universe in India.

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