Kalisto blogs about National Hispanic Heritage Month

Kalisto blogs about National Hispanic Heritage Month

Mexican-American WWE Superstar Kalisto celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Growing up, I had to overcome many obstacles at a young age. I was born in Pilsen, the heart of the Hispanic culture in Chicago. At that time in Pilsen, gang violence was at an all-time high and our community was living in fear. I lived in Mexico City for the first years of my life. When my family and I moved back to Chicago in the ’90s, we were homeless and living with a family friend. Despite this, my family always remained positive and instilled in me that we were capable of overcoming any obstacle.

Growing up as a second-generation Mexican-American was difficult, as gaining acceptance in both cultures was challenging. I was an American kid with Mexican culture ingrained in me. I grew up admiring many Hispanic leaders who were important to me for many reasons. Among them were Selena, Ritchie Valens and Cesar Chavez. Cesar Chavez was a civil rights activist who fought for Hispanic field workers. One of his popular slogans was “Si, se puede,” which translates to, “Yes, it is possible.” Those have been the words that I follow in my life and have motivated me to accomplish my dreams. And because of that, it is important that I support others and show people of all cultures that if you fight for what you want in life, anything is possible.

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