Lana and the Kidd

Natalya explains to her parents why she doesn't want Lana training with Tyson Kidd: Total Divas, Jan. 31, 2018

Natalya plans to come up with a little white lie about Tyson Kidd's health to force Lana to stop training with him.

Tyson Kidd is back in the spotlight, and we get a sense of his new role behind the scenes as a producer who helps fine-tune the performances of the Superstars. Lana, sensing an opportunity to improve her craft, asks him to help train her. Natalya isn’t a fan of this — she even cooks up an atrocious lie that he is suffering from adult chicken pox — and it’s assumed that she doesn’t want Tyson training Lana because she still doesn’t like her. Not so. Given that he’s unable to compete in the ring anymore, Nattie’s worried that he’ll end up depressed that all he can do is assist others. Of course, he’s totally fine with helping others improve their talents regardless of his own situation, so the training continues, and Natalya and Lana even end up burying the hatchet. Finally! 

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