Mean Dean

Renee Young tells her mom she's unhappy with Dean Ambrose's behavior around their family: Total Divas, Jan. 25, 2017

Renee Young's mom, Carole, sticks up for Dean Ambrose and tells her daughter to let him have fun.

Up in the Great White North, Renee Young takes Dean Ambrose to meet her family for the first extended period of time, as all their brief interactions have been backstage up to this point. Renee’s worried that Dean will be a little too intense for her folks, who seem to be having trouble separating Ambrose from his onscreen persona as it is. While The Lunatic Fringe “charms the pants” off the Youngs while in Toronto, Renee herself is mortified after a series of incidents wherein Ambrose ferociously chases down some goon who steals Renee’s hat, then takes her mom out bar-hopping. Ambrose cools it at her request, but Renee’s mother manages to put her worries to rest and assures her daughter she’s got herself a good one.

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