Flower girl

Flower girl

The (first) wedding of Lana and Rusev is finally here on E!’s Total Divas mid-season finale, and there’s drama almost immediately when Maryse, citing animal rights concerns, boycotts the ceremony over Lana’s plan to incorporate live elephants. Rusev isn’t exactly helping matters either, as he squabbles over the price of the flower arch Lana wants, but drops untold riches on renting a Lamborghini for the wedding. Lana only gets more and more frazzled and frustrated as the day approaches, since nothing seems to be working out the way she wants. But lo and behold, Rusev surprises her with the arch, Maryse attends the wedding after the elephant idea is kiboshed, and the only real misstep is that Lana’s father botches Rusev’s last name during the pronouncement. But hey, there’s plenty of time to fix that one in Bulgaria.

Lana experiences pre-wedding ceremony jitters: Total Divas Preview Clip: Jan. 25, 2017

Maryse and The Miz give a special wedding present to Maryse, which makes her apprehensive before walking down the aisle.

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