(WWE) Draft day

The Superstars express their nervousness before the WWE Brand Extension: Total Divas, Jan. 25, 2017

Nikki Bella sets out to prove she's ready to get back in the ring after she finds out she's not a part of the 2016 Draft.

In the locker room, the Brand Extension is finally here, and several Superstars are feeling the proverbial heat. Naomi is petrified she and Jimmy Uso will be split up and sent to different brands; Eva Marie isn’t sure if she’ll end up getting drafted at all; and Nikki Bella, who’s finally on the cusp of being cleared, just wants to get back in the ring so she can be eligible. While her physician gives her the green light and she’s able to take her first steps back in the ring at the Performance Center, WWE’s doctors aren’t convinced she’s ready to go, so Nikki continues her training while everyone else anxiously waits to hear of their post-Draft destiny …

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