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Tuesday, Feb 16 | 9/8 PMC

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History in the making

It’s decision time for Nikki Bella on E!’s “Total Divas.” On the one hand, she’s just days away from becoming the longest-reigning Divas Champion in WWE history, which would mean validation for her years of hard work and reinvention in the ring. On the other hand, her neck is starting to bug her. And while we all know where this will eventually end up, Nikki must either grit her way through the pain and into the history books, or go to a doctor and risk having her title vacated. She chooses the latter, and, some shenanigans aside, holds off Charlotte to pass AJ Lee’s mark for longest Divas Title reign in WWE history.


Social media snafu

While her friendship with Eva Marie hasn’t cut her legs out from under her yet, Mandy Rose’s induction into the Divas division hits a hiccup after Eva introduces her to the world of social media, and the selfie-crazy rookie shows up an hour late to a training session with Natalya. Nattie has to play the veteran and lay down the law, but Mandy gets back in Nattie’s good graces quickly and it turns out she’s actually pretty good in the ring to boot. A bright future awaits.

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Rosa and Alicia go toe-to-toe

Rosa Mendes, meanwhile, is in the midst of planning her baby shower — or rather, Alicia Fox and Paige are, and Foxy has taken over the planning to a tyrannical degree. As control over her own party slips rapidly through her fingers, Rosa attempts to change the location last-minute — she’s worried about flying while six months pregnant — and Alicia flips her lid. Names are called, Rosa cries, but it all comes together at Nikki’s celebratory dinner at the end, where The Fearless One’s reign is toasted, Mandy endures some light initiation teasing, and Foxy apologizes to Rosa … who doesn’t entirely accept it just yet. Hmmmm. 

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'Total Divas' Season 5, Episode 5: Nikki aims to make history

Will Rosa's baby shower go off without a hitch? Tune into "Total Divas" next Tuesday at 9/8 on E!.