The parent trap

The parent trap

When last we left the intrepid heroines of E!’s “Total Divas,” Natalya had inadvertently shoehorned Mandy Rose’s entire family into what was supposed to be a Neidhart family vacation.

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The good news is that the two families actually get along great — Nattie’s got her own problems, but more on that later — but the bad news is that Mandy’s separated parents are getting along so well it has the fresh-faced Diva thinking it might be possible to reunite them. Her brothers are split on the matter (one is hopeful, the other says no way), and it turns out, of course, that a reconciliation was too much to hope for.

Both parents are pretty cool with it either way, and at least the family resolves to take more vacations together. Whether that’s with the Neidharts or not remains to be seen, and speaking of which …

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