The comeback begins

Nikki Bella gets fitted for new ring gear while Brie reflects on her career: Total Bellas, Nov. 9, 2016

WWE seamstress Sandra visits Nikki and Brie before WrestleMania 32.

After the wedding bells have rung and the rice has been cleaned up, it’s time for Nikki to get a check-up from her doctor. And the results, while not as good as she’d hoped, per se, are still good. Her neck has healed to the point where Nikki is cleared to be a part of WrestleMania, though she cannot quite step back into the ring yet. So she has Sandra the seamstress pay her a house visit to get some new gear together in preparation for the big show. And so Total Bellas Season 1 comes to an end, and Total Divas picks up the ball next week at 8/7 CT on E!. Stay tuned for more …

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