Mama knows best

Johnny tells Nikki and J.J. about Kathy's potential medical issue: Total Bellas, Nov. 2, 2016

Nikki and J.J. confront Kathy about her medical secret.

As Kathy’s wedding to John Laurinaitis draws ever closer, tensions between the spouses-to-be begin to spike when Kathy has found a lump in her breast, yet is choosing to keep that information secret from her children. The couple has a knock-down fight over the secrecy, and Johnny ends up throwing caution to the wind by flat-out telling J.J. and Nikki what the deal is. That leads to a confrontation between mother and children smack-dab on the eve of the wedding. During a trip to a doctor (under the condition that nobody else in the family be told about it), Kathy reveals both a family history of breast cancer and the surprise that she’s known about the lump for longer than previously indicated.

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