End of the line

End of the line

Despite Daniel Bryan’s desire to distance himself from the craziness on E!’s Total Bellas, Brie joins him in his self-imposed exile in order to stand by her husband during a last-ditch doctor’s appointment that might clear him for the ring. And if Bryan is miserable when she gets there, he’s downright despondent when the news comes down that he is really, truly done with in-ring competition. For Brie, the development is doubly hard as she isn’t even able to soak in her own impending retirement, but after realizing he will have to remain strong for his family, Bryan begins to climb, inch by inch, out of the void. 

Brie Bella is barely holding it together: Total Bellas Preview Clip, Nov. 2, 2016

With her final match approaching, Brie Bella tries to find happiness even as Daniel Bryan spirals into depression.

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