The 7's: Maria's Get Lucky Fashion Tips, No. 2

The 7's: Maria's Get Lucky Fashion Tips, No. 2

Each month, Raw Diva Maria lays down her seven "Do's and Don'ts" of fashion. Are you in or out? Find out now.

In (Ow Ow!)

1. Leather crop jackets for the spring. They give you a sexy rocker chick vibe. Add a ruffled top under it to show a softer side.
2. Red Lips! They are back already. The last Lucky 7's said they were out, but they're back in now.
3. Keychains on your purse. At the Coach store they have these awesome key chains and dangly things that you can hang on your bag to customize it and make it your own. I have a great one that has sayings on it like Pow and Zap and Bam. It makes me feel like I am in Batman. Batman Batman dun da dun da....... Batman!
4. Pink stuff from Victoria's Secret.... It's all in the name.
5. Getting custom Nikes made on You can pick colors and styles to make them your own. My new shoes are awesome, and they were made by special someone.
6. Cotton jersey dresses in the shape of a tepee. They're flirty and fun, and there are so many out there right now.
7. Black Chandelier is a great new designer, and I actually wore a piece from their line Monday on Raw. Their stuff is very different, and will get you noticed. Plus, Jared Gold the designer is awesome!!!!

Out (Oh No!)

1. Since we are entering the summer, gentlemen, please remember that short shorts are for the ladies, and not so the member can have a breeze. Also, no lady wants to approach a male slip and slide -- go easy on the baby oil when you are on the beach.
2. Being a walking fabric store. Keep patterns at a maximum of two per body.
3. Dress shoes with the wrestling gear. I saw Carlito running around in his wrestling trunks and dress shoes, and it was terrible.
4. Treo phone! I just got rid of mine, it was awful! Get the Blackjack, it is the greatest phone ever!
5. Dirty Uggs. I am now a fan of the Ugg boots because they are comfy but keep them clean.
6. Too many layers. Up to three and you are still styling, but go past that and you just look like a hobo.
7. Wearing a frown. SMILE!!!!!

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