Love Notes from Maria, No. 5

Love Notes from Maria, No. 5

This week: A Valentine's Day to forget but a 15th to remember, buying clothes for men and are skulls "in" or "out"?

What's up all you stars and studs!!!!

So, Valentine's came and went, and mine sucked!! I spent my Valentine's Day all alone when I was supposed to be hanging out with my Sweet P. Grrrrr!

As you can probably tell, I was pretty upset, so here is what happened.

My love got a phone call on Friday, the day before taking off to be on the road, and was told Monday's show was cancelled and changed to Wednesday.

Now, usually I am understanding. I am on the road, too, and can understand when things change. However, it was Valentine's Day! I had massages booked and dinner reservations. Also, I had the coolest plan ever of giving someone their Valentine's Day present.

I was far from irritated and was furious. Mean faces!

Anyways, I wouldn't have minded if it was just a show that had been planned, and we knew we weren't going to do anything to begin with. But, to have it pulled from you at the last minute like that, blows butt.

My darling did do something awesome, though, and so he was saved by the powers that be.

My guy got me a beautiful bouquet of white roses he had sent to the house, and they made me smile. I love flowers, and for some reason, flowers have superpowers and can get a man out of the doghouse within minutes of arrival. Maybe it is the smell that intoxicates the woman, and then she has amnesia about whatever happened. Either way, I like it!

Now, as for what I got my guy, well, there is the new sweatshirt that he is sporting that he wanted for months…. That is another story. I had to go to a very scary neighborhood in order to get that sweatshirt because they only sold it at that store in my town. I risked my life for it, but it was worth it, because he loved it. His sweatshirt fits his personality and the things he likes.

I always get scared buying clothes for men because they go on a completely different system to buying clothes. Normally, most men don't try stuff on, they go for what looks like it might fit and what looks like it might last. So, my theory is -- unless my guy says he likes it, I don't buy it. That goes for most men I think.

The sweatshirt is really cool. It is a full skeleton and has a hood that zips over the face that is a skull. Reminds me of something the Misfits would wear, and I think that is why he likes it.

Fashion is a funny thing. It has all these rules and regulations, but really no designer ever follows them. For example, skulls are supposed to be out, but I still like them and think they are always in for certain people. My guy looks hott -- Ow Ow -- in his skeleton hoodie!

Wear what feels good and is uniquely you, and you will always be in style.

My Valentine's Day ended up being on the 15th, and it was great! Lots of sleep, relaxing, food, and you know the rest..... It was fun. Love is great, and details are left to the imagination.

That same week I went to see Hannibal Rising, and it was not good. As a matter of fact, I was completely disappointed. There were way too many coincidences. I really like the original Silence of the Lambs, and wish Hannibal Rising was one-tenth that good. But it wasn't.

My recommendation is go see Ghost Rider if you want to see a good movie. Ghost Rider was a great mix of action and making fun of itself. There were some very funny parts of the movie and Nicolas Cage did an awesome job in it. I always liked him in movies. Even if you read the comic you will like it because the special effects are really good. The skull head looks really good on him, too! Fashion-forward flaming skeleton head is a do!

I hope that everyone's Valentine's Day was awesome, and happy March!

Spanks and Kisses,

Stiletto style tip: Fashion do's and don'ts are guidelines, and it is up to you to pick what works for you and what doesn't. They are constantly changing. Kate Moss wore wide leg jeans and that made them in style. Lead your own trend and maybe you can start a new fashion revolution. (One butt cheeky hanging out and one leg covered for wrestling gear in a leopard print may not be in style, but I wore it in my match against Melina. It was fun and a wrestling gear throwback. Bobby Fulton did it. Haha!)

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