Love Notes from Maria, No. 4

Love Notes from Maria, No. 4

This week: Get well Grandma, loving love and dressing the tiggers like tigers!

What's up all you Stars and Studs!

I have a million things to talk about this week! I am so excited and happy right now!

First, since this is Love Notes and I love my grandma, I want to send my love to her. My grandma is recovering from surgery and she is doing well. Yay!

My Grandma F and I are actually very similar. She has a fashion sense about her that I think I picked up. She wears a lot of big, dangly earrings and chunky jewelry, and so do I.

For Christmas she bought me alot of jewelry that I wear on Raw. Jewelry can definitely dress an outfit up or down — which is fun to play with.

Also, my grandma's house is all green which is my favorite color.

(I have a lime green Z28 Camaro, lots of green purses, green walls in my house, the Grinch is one of my favorite characters, and I love nature and grass, but not grass hehe... you get the idea.)

I think it is very important to have things that you are known for, because that is your style. You can add one thing, let's say a pair of red hot stilettos, to every outfit and instantly that outfit is uniquely you.

Plus, who doesn't like a great pair of stilettos…. Fetish anyone? Ahhhhhahahaha!

Anyways, I think it is very important to have something people can attach to you — every time they see that item (red stilettos), they think of you.

My item is usually my gray newsboy hat. I wear it to the airport all the time, and I wore it to Iraq. Now, it has memories attached to it.

I also have a skull and crossbones belt that I got in Miami with my sister. I wear it a lot and it always reminds me of that trip (which I will never forget). Plus, the skull and crossbones are over a very delicate, but deadly area just as a reminder. Kinda like a caution sign. Just kidding.

Speaking of caution, the Bears should have used more in the Super Bowl. I am very upset, and may have lost a bet because of the game. GRRR!

I really was hoping Chicago would pull it out, but oh well, I guess. There is always next year -- at least that's what they say when your team loses. Boooo. The Cubs and the Bears… Come on this year! Please. For me? Someone win!

One thing I am excited for is Lost. There are 16 brand spanking new episodes and they started this week. I would love to be on that show even if I was a wild animal and I just ran across the screen one time. I could be wild.

I love that show and I want to be on it sooooo bad. Note to anyone reading this: If you can get me on that show please contact WWE and I will start practicing running on all fours and growling.

Maybe I will practice on Valentine's Day. I will dress up like a tiger and have a tiger print bra covering my tiggers. "Tiggers cause they are bouncy bouncy…"

I cannot believe it is Valentine's again. Last year, I have to admit, was one of my favorites.

I love that day because it is a day to celebrate love. We have so many holidays that are for people that are dead or those that have died, but "V" day is one day for the living and for love.

For Valentine's, I think wearing something sexy, cute, dressing up or dressing dirty is important -- even if you are all alone and celebrating love by yourself....wink-wink.

Bring out the thigh-highs, garter belts, thongs, feather ticklers and whatever else that makes you happy. It's "V" day, go crazy!

What do you get your sweetie is a hard question… My favorites are a CD of songs that remind you of her or him, a picture framed of the happy couple, flowers that are her favorite color, or a card that says all the things that you love about her or him. These are all things that don't take a lot of money, but are worth so much.

Most importantly make her or him feel like they are the only person in the world you want to be with. Xoxoxoxoxo

I love Valentine's, and I love love! Have a great Valentine's and be a "Hopeless Romantic!"

Spanks and Kisses, Maria

Stiletto Style Tip: Valentine's means bring out the Red and Pink. Matching lingerie is in right now, so find a matching little outfit and spray it with perfume. So, all the little parts smell like little bits of heaven. Even though the heels and robe will be off in two seconds flat make sure to wear them… It builds the intensity before the action. Now, I like that, ow ow, Sexy Time!

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