Love Notes from Maria, No. 3

Love Notes from Maria, No. 3

This week: Mmmmmm brains, looking put together in a hurry and a movie review!

What’s up all you stars and studs!!!!!

I just wanna start by staying that writing this blog is so much fun! I am so glad I get to do it every week.

This week I went to some of my favorite restaurants – I love going out to eat. There is a sushi bar and Cuban restaurant; both are awesome. I am a big fan of sushi.

One sushi roll that I eat often is called “the monkey brain.” I love the name because I can use all the brains I can get sometimes. Hehe! BRAINS! (Zombie reference – they eat brains! Ahhhhhh!)

My problem, though, when I go out to eat is I never have enough time to get ready. I go out to eat with a very low-maintenance guy and as much as I would love to get all dressed up for him, he hates to wait around.

So, I have come up with a very easy way to look put-together even though you only have a half hour tops before Grumpy (term of endearment) gets all impatient.

I usually wear a black top and sparkly belt with jeans. Now, to hide the fact that you were rushed out of the house by your amazing boyfriend and you didn’t have time to do your hair, put on a fun hat, cocked a little to the side and OW OW! You’re a sex kitten extraordinaire, ready for a late night prowl on the town. Add some red lipstick in the car and he can watch you blow kisses in the mirror. He can think later about you b***ing…. Nevermind!

Also, this week I saw Smoking Aces in the theater. It was great. I love mob movies because of the mob guys. It’s like they all get together and say “let’s play together.” I really liked it and the filming reminded me of Kill Bill, which is one of my favorite movies of all time. Go see Smoking Aces. It is GREEEEAAAAT!

I am gonna go kick Melina’s butt now and maybe pull out a win, but even if I don’t she will be left with some bruises.

Spanks and Kisses, Maria

Stiletto Style Tip: Fashion is all about attitude even when you’re pressed for time. Confidence and a great walk turns heads. Black is a great basic when you don’t know what to wear. It is sexy, sleek and if you spill something on it, you can’t tell. (I may or may not be clumsy, so take it from me.)

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