Girl on the Mic (English version)

Girl on the Mic (English version)

In the October issue of WWE Magazine, Raw's sexy songbird Lilian Garcia offers a few pro tips on performing in front of milliions. Be sure to pick up the latest from WWE Magazine for this story, new photos of Lilian and much, much more. Read the Spanish translation now.

Whether she's singing the national anthem or announcing the weight of The Samoan Bulldozer, Lilian Garcia is one incredibly composed and multi-talented Diva. On her upcoming Spanish language record, Ã‚¡Quiero Vivir! ("I Want to Live!"), she teams with hit producers—who've worked with the likes of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez—and performs a scintillating duet with "Just Another Day" singer Jon Secada. Here, she reveals the secret to achieving platinum-quality lungs.

Listen to Your Coach
"I go to a vocal coach every week. People always say, ‘But you already know how to sing.' Well, it's just like with football—you need a coach to show you techniques. Like Superstars' muscles, the vocal chords need to warm up. I sit in my car outside arenas and perform scales before Raw. There are times when I'm parked and fans are standing right there, so I put the visor down and try to hide."

Get Your Facts Straight
"I had Mr. Kennedy down as 241 pounds, but when he swiped the mic to introduce himself one night, he announced himself as 245 pounds. I stopped him backstage and said, ‘Dude, you're making me look bad. We have to get the facts straight.' He laughed at me, and said, ‘I'm whatever I want to be.' "
Don't Think Too Hard
"Speaking of weights, I remember when I first started announcing, and I really stressed about learning all of the Superstars' weights. I would be halfway through the show thinking, ‘I can't mess up, I can't mess up.' And guess what? I messed up. It's called the Law of Attraction—when you keep saying you don't want something to happen, you are actually attracting it to yourself. Don't get in that mindset."

Crib Notes Are Okay
"When reciting the rules of a match, I pretend I'm explaining them to a friend instead of millions of people. This technique makes it all flow a whole lot easier. Another technique I use is to write down abbreviated bullet points; for instance, if I need to announce, ‘The following is a four-way elimination match where the winner will win an Intercontinental Championship title match at this Sunday's Great American Bash,' I go with ‘4, ELIM, ICM, GAB.' "  
Go With Your Gut Feeling
"Always speak or sing from your diaphragm. Trish Stratus once came to me and said, ‘Every time I get nervous my voice goes high. Teach me how to stop that.' So I taught her how to pull everything from the diaphragm. Once your voice gets stuck in the throat, it gets very emotional and has no support."

Coat The Throat
"Don't drink caffeine before singing or announcing, because it dries up the throat. There's a caffeine-free tea called Throat Coat that I like. Also stay away from anything with menthol; that causes the same problem. You want to maintain a lot of saliva in your mouth. I do that by chewing Extra gum or sucking on lemon drops. Honey in hot water is also good for the throat. If all else fails, there's a spray called Entertainer's Secret for relieving hoarse voices and strained vocal chords."

And Watch Where You're Walking!
"Before a show in Los Angeles, after singing, I was backstage and the crew was setting up MVP's entrance bubble. I moved to avoid it and was blinded by a stage light. Right then, the fireworks went off and, confused, I ran right into a pole. I fractured my nose and couldn't announce the next night. I couldn't even smile or talk."

The above article can also be found in English in the October edition of WWE Magazine. Pick up your copy on newsstands today. Or subscribe to WWE Magazine. 

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