Music Advice, No. 4

Music Advice, No. 4

Hi Lilian! My name is Amanda and I have a simple but important question. I have problems singing as my throat goes dry. What can I do?



Dear Amanda,

Thank you for your letter and I agree it is an important question, because dry throat can really interfere with singing. The answer to your question is yes, there is something you can do. Although everyone is different, I have always suffered with dry mouth and throat, so I have learned some tricks along the way that have helped me tremendously. 

First, get rid of caffeine!!! Whether it's in coffee, tea or soda drinks, caffeine is a drying agent, so it will not help if you tend to already have a dry mouth. Next, when you're mouth is dry, suck on hard candy such as lemon drops. It helps produce saliva. BEWARE OF COUGH DROPS!! Anything with menthol is very drying to the throat and will make the symptoms worse. Next, I really like drinking "Throat Coat" tea. It has no caffeine and I find it is very soothing and helps with dryness. I always put some honey in it, but avoid pure lemon. I'm sure you have heard before that lemon is good for singers, but if you are suffering from a dry mouth, pure lemon is very acidic and can make your throat scratchy. Another awesome drink is to mix equal parts of orange, apple & pineapple juice, add a cinnamon stick and heat it up until it's hot! It's yummy and very soothing. Finally, chewing gum can also help because again, it helps make you produce saliva.  

Hope this helps you to sing away! Good luck and rock on!!!

Forever Rockin',

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