Music Advice, No. 3

Music Advice, No. 3

Hi Lilian,
I wanted to know what you do when you feel like your family doesn't support your singing? I love to sing! I do it all of the time, even during school. I can even mock Jillian's singing!!! Singing and dancing is my life and I just want my family to support me. It's not a joke to me, but it is to them. I really want to be a professional singer so badly. I want people to look up to me. (By the way, your voice is so beautiful.) How can I go pro and prove all of the people wrong? Can you help me? What should I do???  Please, me write back.
                                                                       DAMIEN W.
          P.S. I DO NOT sound like Jillian Hall!!!


Dear Damien,

Thank you for your letter. I really wish I could give you a simple answer to your question, but the truth is that there are many reasons family members sometimes can't seem to support your dreams. Sometimes they're just trying to protect you from the harsh realities of how hard the entertainment industry is; sometimes it's jealousy; sometimes it's because they have their own preconceived aspirations of what they want you to be; and sometimes it's just that they can't relate to how singing and dancing makes you feel.  My advice to you is that if singing and dancing makes you feel alive, then do it!! But don't expect others to support and understand you. Do it because you love it and it defines you. It may become a career for you and it may not, but I think you should always be true to yourself as long as you are not harming others or escaping responsibility.  

I also think it is important to be realistic. Some people are meant to be entertainers and others are not. I have seen people who want to be singers, but cannot keep pitch. In other words, they are tone deaf but they don't know it. This could create a problem. This is why it is a good idea to take lessons and listen to your coaches and friends. They will be able to give you unbiased feedback as to whether or not you have the core talent to build on. Also, remember that if you are not meant to be a singer or dancer, it doesn't mean you can't work in the entertainment industry in some other capacity.

I do believe it is also important to continue your education and have a secondary plan, which is why I went to college. My parents always supported my dream, but my mom made it clear that she felt it was important to get a college degree. I did in fact go to college and took it seriously by graduating with honors. I then moved to New York to pursue my singing career and found my college degree extremely useful!! I discovered that had I not had a college degree, I would never have landed the job I did at an investment firm which afforded me to both live in New York and take singing and acting lessons. I also made sure I developed other skills such as hosting shows and voice-overs so that I could work in many facets of the entertainment industry -- which is how I was able to land the job at the WWE!!

In conclusion, I recommend you watch Sister Act 2. It's the movie with Whoopi Goldberg and Lauryn Hill. In this movie, it is obvious that Lauryn has a true talent, but at first her mother just can't cope with it. I think you will enjoy it and find it helpful.

Good luck to you and rock on!

Forever Rockin',

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