Music Advice, No. 2

Music Advice, No. 2

Hey, how are you? I'm in the BHS band and chorus. I play the flute. I've been singing ever since I was little and I've been in band for four years now (I'm a freshman). I have played at every football game that we have had but for some reason, I'm still scared of playing and singing in front of people. Do you think I will overcome this fear? How long was it before you were comfortable in front of people? Have a good day, take care, and God bless you.
Yours truly,           
Stacy M.

Dear Stacy,

Thank you so much for your question. First, let me start by congratulating you on your accomplishments of learning how to play the flute, singing and making your school band! You should feel very proud of yourself because there are many people that are not even able to accomplish what you have!

Now, with that being said, just know that it is normal to be nervous when performing in front of a crowd. In fact, even after years of singing and public speaking, I still get nervous. The trick is to use the nervousness to your advantage. What I mean is, let it give you an adrenaline rush. I always feel better when I'm a little nervous because it helps keep me "on my toes." I also practice a lot so that when I am about to perform, I feel confident with my skills. It's very much like feeling relaxed about taking a test in school because if you've studied hard enough, you know you will do well.

Another important thing to realize is that whenever you step in front of an audience, remember that they are pulling for you even before you start performing. Audiences show up to be entertained. They want to like you because it means they have a better time, too. So I always look forward to performing because I know I have the crowd rooting for me before I even begin. 

Above all, never let fear paralyze you!! Enjoy sharing your gift and cherish the ability you have to put smiles on people's faces when they hear you perform. Push aside any negative voices and go out with your head held high!! The more you do it, the more comfortable you will feel and the better you will get at it!! Good luck, my friend, and rock on!! :)

Forever Rockin',

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