Music Advice, No. 8

Music Advice, No. 8

Hey Lilian,
A friend of mine approached me a little while ago and told me she wanted to write a song but didn't know how to. She said she knows what she wants to say but she doesn't know how to say it. I don't know how to help her so I was wondering; can you help me help her?? Thanks a lot!!
By the way, I think you have an amazing voice!!

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your kind words. I really like your question because writing can be extremely therapeutic and rewarding!! In fact, there are many successful songwriters that strictly write songs for other people to sing.

For many years I didn't write because I thought since I didn't play an instrument, it would be impossible to come up with melodies and lyrics on my own.  Well, I couldn't have been more wrong! Everyone has a different technique of how to write a song, but the one that works best for me is this: Get a tape recorder or some other recording device and start humming different ideas for a verse and chorus. The reason you need a recorder is in case you come up with a really cool idea, you can go back and listen to it and build on top of it. I recommend coming up with the music first, and then fitting words to fit the melody. I also let the vibe of the music help me determine what I want the song to be about. 

The main thing is not to let it frustrate you. Just know that it is normal to get writers block from time to time. At first, I recommend finding someone else that has written songs before, so they can help guide you along.

I wish your friend lots of luck, and tell her she is lucky to have a friend like you that cares so much about her happiness. 

Good luck and keep rockin'!


Hi Lilian,
I am your biggest fan and watch WWE so that I can admire your ever-growing beauty.
Coming to my question, I want to sing a song for this beautiful girl I like and think that my voice is really bad for me to sing a song. Do you think I should hire someone to sing for me or concentrate on improving my singing skills? Thanks!!

Hi Kunal,

Being a romantic at heart, I loved, loved, loved your letter. I think it is so kind and romantic that you want to serenade this girl. Here's what I would do: First, if you get any sense that she is not interested in you, then Don't Do It!! Only go through with singing to her if you think she also likes you. 

Also, I would not have another person sing for you! It will mean a lot more if it is coming directly from you.  But, if you really think you can't sing at all, then what about lip-syncing a song? Even though it is not you singing, it will look like you and get the point across to her that you are trying to serenade her. The important thing is to ham it up and give such a great performance that she doesn't even pay attention to the fact that you are not really singing.

Again, I think what you are going to do is awesome! It really shows her you care!

Good luck and keep rockin'!

Forever Rockin',

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