Music Advice, No. 7

Music Advice, No. 7

Hi, Lilian! I love your album and have always enjoyed listening to you sing on WWE television. Like you, I have been singing since I was a young girl. I've never had vocal training except some minor techniques taught by my high school choir directors. The main problems I have when singing seem to happen when I really try concentrating on singing well. If I'm just singing for fun, I seem to do better than I do if I'm really singing with a purpose. When I begin concentrating on carrying out my voice, I tend to hear it crack and I can't get enough air into my lungs to hold out long notes. What can I do to improve these aspects of my singing so that I can attain a stronger singing voice?



Hi, Twilla!  Thanks for your sweet comments. First off, I am so glad to hear that you were in the choir. I think singing in a choir is very good experience especially if you can't afford to take singing lessons right away. I've never met a choir teacher who isn't willing to help a student better his or her voice. 

As for your problem, it has happened to me many times. I know the reason is because I want to do so well that I put extra pressure on myself, which unfortunately, reflects in my voice. I will share a technique that my vocal coach taught me that has helped me a lot. He told me not to try and sing the song but to just basically speak the part. Now, when I say that, I don't mean speaking like you would in a conversation, but instead of trying to sing so hard, just "speak/sing" it naturally. If you try this, I really think you will find it easier to sing and control your breathing better. 

Hope this helps and Keep Rockin'!!


Hi, Lilian. My name is Avinash. I have a quick question.  I have problems singing as my throat goes dry. What can I do?



Hi, Avinash! Thanks for your question. Believe it or not, dry mouth for singers is very common. What I do when I get a dry throat is drink hot water and honey, suck on lemon hard candy or use Entertainer's Secret throat relief spray, which you can get online at
One of these should help you with your problem.

Good luck and Keep Rockin'!!


Hey, Lilian! You are such a beautiful woman and a great singer! I really need your help with my singing.  You see, there's a song that I would really like to sing, but I just can't get the tone of my voice right. No matter how hard I try, I can't reach the notes because they're too high pitched. What should I do? You are one of the best singers I know. ... Please help me!



Hi, Ashley!  Thanks for the compliment! Flattery will get you everywhere! LOL. Seriously, I don't want you to be worried about this. If you are having a hard time singing a particular song, sometimes it just means that the song is not in your voice range. Please know that there is nothing wrong with that. Every singer has his or her own range where they feel the most comfortable singing.  The simplest thing to do if a song is too high is to sing it in a lower key! For example, if a song is in the key of C then bring it down to the key of B so that it can be more comfortable for you to sing. If you want to actually sing along with the track then try getting a karaoke system that will alter the pitch of the song. Above all, do not think of yourself as less of a singer if you can't hit a certain note. Remember that every singer has his or her own comfort zone.

Keep rockin' and singing girl!!

Forever Rockin',

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