"¡Quiero Vivir!"

"¡Quiero Vivir!"

For those of you who don't speak Spanish, I wanted you to get a feel of the song, "¡Quiero Vivir!," and know what I am singing about. Basically, this is a song about leaving past troubles behind and moving forward with sheer determination!!  Here is a literal translation of the song.  In no way will it rhyme or fit the music, but I do hope this helps you connect to the song!


Track 1: ¡Quiero Vivir!

Track 2: Angel

Track 3: Adonde

Track 4: Desenamorada

Track 5: Ya Veras

Track 6: Yo No Se

Track 7: Estoy Endrogada

Track 8: Devastada

Track 9: Quiero Encontrarte

Track 10: Under in Love

Track 11: Where Did Love Go?

Track 12: Que Seria

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