JBL's Blog: JBL wants you

JBL's Blog: JBL wants you

Senator Arlen Specter said he wants to review the NFL tapes of the New England Patriots. That's great news; I guess the problems in the Middle East are straightened out, no more soldiers dying. I guess the budget is balanced. I guess oil is not at $120 a barrel.

It's either that or our Congress is full of idiots that would rather watch football tapes than deal with America's real issues. Wow, are these guys bad.

I want to announce something that is not stupid. Layfield Energy has developed the greatest partnership program on the Web. Now get this: The hottest product in retail, Mamajuana Extreme, is looking to partner with Web sites and split profit right down the middle -- and it is all turnkey.

If you have a Web site, you can click on this link, www.mamajuanaextreme.com/partners, and sign up. We will take care of everything for you. We will track all commissions and make sure you get paid. Also, the biggest news and what separates us from everyone else: If a customer comes to us and buys Mamajuana, then returns directly to us, we will still pay you. We will pay you for the life of the customer, forever -- as long, of course, as you and I are still in business.

So, if a customer is still buying product from us 20 years from now, we will still be sending you a commission. That is the best deal the Web has ever seen, not to mention that it is for the hottest product in retail, Mamajuana.

This is why we are calling this a partnership program and not an affiliate program. You will make $17.18 off of every 12-pack sold and $9.59 off of every 6-pack sold that came through your Web site. All you have to do is sign up and we'll take care of everything! What a great deal. Over time, these repeat customers could provide you with a great revenue stream.

You can also buy Mamajuana Extreme at www.mamajuanaextreme.com, but the big news is us breaking the mold of advertising with a partnership program. Al Gore may have invented the Internet, but we just changed it forever.

Check out our product yourself at www.mamajuanaextreme.com.

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