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JBL's Blog

WrestleMania XXIV -- and I get a Belfast Brawl. That is good news for everyone. Hornswoggle is still having complications, which is also good news. That means I get an angry Finlay all to myself.

You see, it's like out-wrestling Ric Flair -- out-fighting Finlay is doing something special. And -- you heard it here first -- I will out-fight Finlay.

For those of you that live under a rock, I have to explain that I was the one that exposed this bogus plan by Finlay to pass off Hornswoggle as Mr. McMahon's son. And I was the one that put Hornswoggle, the little mutant, in the hospital.

I started here in WWE in December of 1995. My first WrestleMania was WrestleMania XII -- the passing of the torch from Bret Hart to Shawn Michaels. At that time, and since, I have never seen a spectacle like I saw in the Arrowhead Pond that day. To see Shawn repel from the ceiling, with the crowd electric … it was just amazing.

If you had told me that in 2008 I would still be wrestling and be in WrestleMania, I wouldn't have believed you. 

Furthermore, if you had said Shawn would be on the same card against Ric Flair, and I would be wrestling the guy who had knocked out my tooth in Hannover, Germany, a year earlier -- Finlay -- I surely wouldn't have believed you. It's pretty amazing.

Shawn Michaels has been Mr. WrestleMania, and Flair … well, he is the Nature Boy. I expect those two guys to put on a heck of a show, and I can't wait to see it.

Now, if you want to see a fight, just watch Finlay and me. It will not be pretty; it will not be 5-star match. It will be a fight. I broke into this business doing that, and Finlay made a name doing it. So it's time we put the lights on bright and do it in the big time.  

I wish Mamajuana Energy was sponsoring WrestleMania; maybe next year. We are close to an agreement to bring Mamajuana to Houston in a huge way. We will be all over the south soon.

Our biggest retail deal we still can't announce, but it is big. You can buy Mamajuana at www.mamajuanaenergy.com. Remember, this is not an energy drink; rather, it is sex in a bottle, pure virility. We worked for more than a year on this, and we came up with an unreal product. You have to give it a try; it is mind-boggling how great it is.

We will be keeping Mamajuana as the name, but we will be dropping Energy; too much confusion as to what it is. We are nothing to do with energy; sex-yes.

Don't forget to check me out on Cavuto every night on Fox Business, at 6 p.m. ET. I think it is by far the best financial show on television.

Also, I will be at Cowboy Bill's on Duvall Street in Key West, Fla., at 8 p.m. April 2 for a special debut of Mamajuana in the Keys. This will be a heck of a good time, I assure you. Mamajuana will be everywhere, plus it will be Ladies Night and sexy bull-riding night.

You can still get Mamajuana at my favorite little store in NYC, Good Nature at 55th and 2nd. Also, in Athens, Texas and East Texas, Chaney's Tobacco is carrying the product, so stop by and support a good time.   

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