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Two great legends passed away recently, Arnie Skaaland and Ernie Ladd. While I didn't know Ernie that well, Arnie was a good friend. Tim White, the Friendly Tap owner, was one of Arnie's best friends. My heartfelt condolences to both families.

Arnie was once grabbed by one of the boys in the Garden from behind, and asked, "What you going to do now?" Arnie calmly took a puff of his cigar and promptly put it out on his forearm. That was Arnie.

Ron Simmons and I were in a restaurant/bar one time when Arnie came in, he sat down and joined us and told us news we had already heard, "The doctors didn't give him much chance to live very long." He then went on to say that he had spent his whole life drinking with the boys, smoking cigars and playing cards and he was miserable not doing it. He asked us what we thought.

We both told him we were the wrong people to ask, however, he insisted. We told him he should live happily as long as he is allowed to live. He sat down with us had a cocktail and lived almost another decade very happy.

Arnie was one of those guys who just demanded respect by his presence. Barry Windham and I used to pass Arnie and Tim driving up and down the roads, they would always be going the speed limit with a couple of beers. They would always laugh smile and wave. Those were good times with good people. The world misses good people, the world will miss Arnie, The Golden Boy.

I have always hated animal groups that didn't give money to the animals but rather their political agenda. That is why I love the Safari Sanctuary in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Safari Sanctuary was started in 1995 by a beautiful animal lover who still runs the park. It is totally volunteer workers, no one is paid. There are no government grants. It is a 501c3 though, so any donations are tax deductible.

There are about 150 animals there now. The biggest attraction is a liger, half lion and half tiger-a beautiful animal. www.safarissanctuary.org is the web address to learn more. If you are an animal lover and would love to do something for animals, then I would suggest this is one of the best places.

The tigers and lions are all either abused or unwanted animals, taken in by Safari Sanctuary whether they really had the resources to do so or not. I recommend going to visit the park when you are close to Tulsa.

Before I moved to NYC a few years ago, I had plans to get a couple of tigers for myself. I already had plans for a multi acre enclosure. However, that changed when I moved to the big city.

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