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JBL's Blog

I have to admit how excited I am about the Draft, though a little apprehensive. I believe we need a franchise tag to save certain talent.

However, Captain Cialis-Theodore Rufus Long, is too busy with the lovely Kristal. I believe the new role of J. Howard Marshall is being played by Theodore Long. Of course, I don't blame him for that, Kristal is smoking hot. At least Theodore is falling for an unbelievably hot chick; Bill Clinton fell for one you could pick up working at McDonald's.

Since Mr. Long is sidetracked, I would put the franchise tag on MVP. I think MVP has gentrified his game to the level that he has become the one guy we can't lose.

Of course, you have the best ever in the Nature Boy that could come to the big leagues in SmackDown. And, you have the performer who will be known as the best ever in Edge that we can't afford to lose.

On a personal note, I hope that Michael Cole is drafted to OVW. That way I can do the show by myself, and that would please CW.

Speaking of me, don't forget to watch me on Fox News this weekend on Bulls and Bears at 10:00 am ET. OK, enough about me, what do you think about me?

The Draft is shaping up to be something great. You have to wonder what could happen if Triple H would be drafted to SmackDown. He was Mr. Raw while I was Mr. SmackDown. Of course, I could be drafted. But then again, I'll be like our last couple of presidents; I'll find a way to avoid going anywhere.

I will update my latest golf pics soon; I played Pebble Beach last week — though my score should not be repeated. I also played TPC Sawgrass this past Monday with Mr. McCool. You know, you have to worry about a guy that shows up with a golfer's tan, a Titleist cap and a 1-iron in his bag. OK, it wasn't that bad, but I didn't exactly win.

Enough for now, I promise to try to update my page more often. I just have my golf game to worry about.

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