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I am very excited about the Royal Rumble. This is the time to set up a star for breakout. The Rumble can be such an interesting match and starts the road to WrestleMania, that's pretty big.

I have to defend Michael Cole; after all, since I carry him, I should defend him also. Michael apparently made a slip when referring to One Man Gang, BIG DEAL! Gang is a friend of mine. I was doing color next to Michael and didn't notice it. Maybe Michael was referring to Gang's character, which is gone, who knows.

However, anyone trying to make a big deal out of this really needs to get a life. Any time you do as much commentary as Michael or I do a week, you are going to have mistakes. I don't remember it and I really don't care enough to go back and view the tape. What is important is how cool the first Survivor Series match on DVD is. What an honor to call that match twenty years after it happened.

And just for the record, I have done a lot of commentary in my life. Every week I do Fox News, my radio show and SmackDown. Michael is really a good play-by-play guy. If you don't think so, then just check out what is on most sports shows.

I have to give huge props to Triple H. He deserves to be in the spot he is in, he has worked hard and what he did at New Year's Revolution was really impressive. He worked through a torn quad to finish the match because that is who he is, and that is what makes WWE special.

My best wishes to him for his recovery. It makes you proud of the business when you see something like that happen. It would have been easy to just quit, but pride is what make's someone finish when hurt. Those that don't have that pride, well, they wouldn't be in that position anyway.

I just returned from the Bahamas' Windemere Island, and now my diet officially starts. After all, I believe I can get into shape by Mania. You never know. When I weighed in at 301 this morning, the scale said "ouch".   

I also want to wish Konnan the very best, I don't know Konnan well, but I worked with him in Texas and Mexico in the early 90s.

I am going to be at the NHL All-Star Game and the Super Bowl this year. I am looking forward to both. I will be at the NHL All-Star Game with my buddy Tommy Hicks. After all, didn't hockey start in Texas?

Check me out on Fox this Saturday at 11:30 AM EST.

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