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JBL's Blog

I thought the Royal Rumble was awesome. It was amazing to be sitting there watching something so historical as Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.

I have had a couple of pretty cool weeks. From the NHL All Star game to the Super Bowl this past Sunday. I'll have pics up soon on this site.

I have heard a lot of comments about the new show Michael Cole and I are doing. I want to explain that I have traveled this world working in this business, and I now am so beat up I can't play a full round of golf somedays. I think I have a right to say what I want.

I also want to take this time to announce my running for office in the State of Texas. That's right, I am running for office. I am not sure yet whether it will be senator or governor.

I preach all the time about inept politicians (both sides of the aisle), and how they are not doing what is good for America that I need to do something about it.

I believe we should be free of foreign oil. I believe we have an immigration system that is out of date. I also think we have a government that wastes money.

I am very much different from what is out there. I believe in fiscal conservatism and am much more socially liberal than most republicans. I don't know yet if I will run as an independent or republican.

I also haven't decided if I will run in the next election which is 6 years away or make some money for a few years and then run in 12 years. However, I will run and politics will change when I do. You think I say whatever I want to now, wait until I run.

There you have it, breaking news. Now get ready for one heck of a ride.

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