JBL's Blog: Backlash and big ventures

JBL's Blog: Backlash and big ventures

I told you. I hate to gloat, but I told you. I told you I would beat Finlay at his own game at WrestleMania, a Belfast Brawl. I did. I even slapped around his little midget Hornswoggle. That was a good night!

Now, it's on to much bigger things, the WWE Championship. I held it longer than anyone in SmackDown television history, and I will hold it again on Raw. I have to be the greatest. I am.

You have to check out our Web site for the new video that is about to be posted of me getting run over by a boat in the Keys. WrestleMania was almost ruined because I almost died. The video will be up within a week. John Paul Shellnut, who is the epitome of a waterhead moron, ran over me in a boat while filming a commercial. His side is different, but it is all on video. Check it out on www.mamajuanaenergy.com -- it will be up soon.

Speaking of the Keys, Barry Windham, Mickie Henson and I threw a heck of a party at Cowboy Bill's for Mamajuana. Cowboy Bill's on world-famous Duval Street carries Mamajuana in its merchandise store now, as do many places in Key West.

My hometown of Athens has Chaney's Tobacco that carries Mamajuana and so does my new city of New York at Good Nature at 55th and 2nd. We have signed a deal to distribute our sex in a bottle with Pacific Wholesale in Nashville and throughout Tennessee. We have also signed deals with many different groups throughout the country; it just takes a while to get product on shelves. We will announce those as they come.

My N.Y. Mets need Mamajuana, definitely. I am a season ticket holder for the Mets and they have started off the year just like they ended last year: Choking. I grew up watching the Texas Rangers and I move to NYC and neither team does well. I am starting to hate baseball.

I have to say that Jesse Ventura's appearance on the network I work for -- Fox -- was, to say the least, bizarre. I like Jesse, but the conspiracy theory of 9/11 is just whacked. Jesse seems to be losing it, perhaps he needs to get his self-absorbed self out of Mexico and move back to the country he says he could be president of. Of course, if I had a chance to live down in Cabo, I might take that, too -- but then I wouldn't be coming to the U.S. and claiming some nut case theory.

I am off in Europe this week to be on my first international tour. Good thing nothing has ever happened on an international tour I have been on. Wait a minute …

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