JBL's Blog - What a Week!

What a week! Mamajuana Energy introduced to the world. My in-ring singles return at Royal Rumble. Attending Brock Lesnar's fight in Vegas and the Super Bowl in Arizona. I am tired.

Mamajuana Energy has created a lot of buzz. I saw my Oklahoma friend's blog about Mamajuana Energy. I did provide a sample to Good Ol' J.R., and I have heard the same rumor that it has been banned from the Freebird household. Actually, in some households it has been banned, while some have begged for more.

We had a star-studded launch in NYC. You can check out the launch video that WWE did at www.mamajuanaenergy.com. In fact, you can buy the product at the same Web site. We hope to be in retailers nationwide soon.

Starting up a new company from scratch is a real chore, but very satisfying. However, when you are responsible for everything, you realize things can't be left undone. 

Give it a try; there is nothing like this on the market today. An all-natural, virility/energy in a bottle.

I thought Brock did a great job. He was eating up Frank Mir until … Brock just made a novice mistake. Frank made a veteran move. I don't think many will want to tangle with Brock after seeing how strong the guy is. I plan on going to support my friend again when he fights.

I also thought the New York Giants played a perfect game, congrats to my new hometown's team. I was shocked they got to Brady so easily.

I was very nervous about Royal Rumble -- I am still not in ring shape. And despite losing 48 pounds, I carry too much weight around my middle. All of this will be corrected in a short time, I promise. It is great to be back, though.

I am enjoying the work I do on Fox Business every night at 6 p.m. ET. I want to say though, after following this presidential race and our congress, I want to vote against all of them. Consider this: A senator recently asked to see old tapes of the New England Patriots to see if they were cheating. Now, that may be a big deal, but we have two wars going on, people losing their homes and an economy slowing. And these morons want to watch football tapes? You gotta be kidding me!

The congress spent the last week arguing how much pork they could load up into an ill-advised stimulus package; these guys are pathetic from top to bottom. America is a great place, but because of our great people, not due to our congress.  

Oh well, I have an Elimination Chamber Match to worry about. I have never been in one, and I'm not sure I am looking forward to it. Good to be going to Vegas. You know, Mamajuana Energy would be perfect at a casino!

Give my Mamajuana Energy a try at www.mamajuanaenergy.com!

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