JBL's Blog - Unleashing Mamajuana Energy

JBL's Blog - Unleashing Mamajuana Energy

January 30, 2008 is the date that Mamajuana Energy is let loose on the world, sold at www.mamajuanaenergy.com. Mamajuana, the legendary Caribbean cocktail, has been around for centuries and used as a cure for almost everything, including the common cold. But most importantly, it is virility in a bottle.

When I, John Layfield, first discovered this legend, I knew I had to bring it to the world. I have worked with my partner, Baywood International (BAYW.OB), a leading nutraceutical company focused on all-natural, herbal supplements and remedies, for more than a year developing an all-new, all-natural, non-alcoholic formula that still has all the attributes of the legend that inspired it. This is simply virility/energy in a bottle.

The great thing about this is that it is all-natural, no prescription needed. No need to go to a doctor to get a prescription and then to a pharmacy to have it filled. You can buy this at www.mamajuanaenergy.com and soon at retailers nationwide. We are working on getting fulfillment so you can buy this globally soon over the Web and in retailers worldwide.

The legend of Mamajuana is a great story, along with the world renowned paramour Rubirosa associated with the legend. We aim to bring this legend to the new millennium.

We aim to change retail with this. I believe with all my heart that Mamajuana Energy will be the breakthrough product of 2008. The testimonials I have gotten back have been nothing short of amazing. Guys on weekends with their wives or girlfriends have called me and asked me to FedEx Mamajuana Energy to them -- that is how amazing this product is. There is nothing like Mamajuana Energy, period.

This isn't for people who need help in the bedroom; this is for virile people who just want it -- big difference.

I'm John Layfield, better known as John "Bradshaw" Layfield -- longest-reigning World Champion in SmackDown television history. I have worked on Wall Street for a couple of years now, and when I saw this opportunity, I took a leave of absence to form my company, Layfield Energy, along with Baywood International. That is how much I believe in what we are doing.

 You can catch me on Fox Business every night with Neil Cavuto at 6 p.m. ET or on Raw at 9 p.m. ET every Monday. But most importantly, catch my product, Mamajuana Energy, at www.mamajuanaenergy.com. We sell vitality in a bottle, Mamajuana Energy, for $42.95 for a 12-pack. I think that it is worth a try. Everyone who has tried this product so far has told me they have never had anything like it. I have even received messages from wives that just said, "Thank you."

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