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Gotta do a little NYC restaurant review for those in the Big Apple or those about to visit. After all, being from Texas, I should know a good steakhouse.  

I gotta give a plug for my guy at Del Frisco's in NYC, Felix Albano. Felix is up for maitre d' of the year in NYC, which is a huge honor. I have been a patron of Del Frisco's since my first night in NYC, when I had a date with my current Mrs. Layfield.

Del Frisco's to me is just about the best steakhouse in a city full of great steakhouses. The Kobe steak is awesome. Del Frisco's is next door to Fox News, so I have a reason to go there quite often. Del Frisco's is at 49th and 6th, and has the city's best bartender in Mike upstairs.

Downtown, the place to go is Bobby Van's across from the NYSE. Jason and Tiffany run the place. Jason's dad had a property dealing with my dad in East Texas, so we've got a little history. The atmosphere in Bobby Van's is truly special; it's located in JP Morgan's old vault. The calamari is the best in the city, by far. A trip to NYC has to include this restaurant, but you have to go to the grill, which is downstairs and closes for dinner and weekends.

Harry's on Stone Street is a NYC institution. You can still catch Harry nearly every day, walking around and greeting customers. You gotta go with the strip on the bone and the super-large baked potato. Harry's is also a favorite of the 5:30 p.m. cocktail crowd, but that is a separate article.

Finally, downtown is Delmonico's, which claims to be the oldest restaurant in the city. A bunch of restaurants make that claim as well, though. Delmonico's is famous, of course, for the Delmonico rib-eye, an awesome steak. A little pricey, but when a deal goes well for me, this is where I choose to celebrate and spend a little money.

Midtown has the best cheeseburger in town at Houston's, on 54th and 3rd. Houston's is near P.J. Clarke's, which is a NYC landmark and a great place, but I have to go with Houston's for the best cheeseburger in town. P.J. Clarke's is famous for its huge urinals (seriously), so the bathroom has to go in favor of that place.

Another good cheeseburger place is little known Blackstone's, on 55th and 2nd. Ask for Sal the bouncer, he'll take care of you. Great atmosphere with pool tables. You gotta love that.

For barbecue, since J.R. isn't here yet, the place to go in Midtown is Virgil's. Virgil's has by far the best chicken wings in town. The barbecue there is also mesquite cooked, which makes the flavor unreal.

The only other barbecue I recommend is Dinosaur, which is in West Harlem. The atmosphere there is terrific.

Finally, for a bison burger, the only place to go is Ted's in Midtown. Ted's has all kinds of bison meat on the menu. And, since we won the war with Ted Turner's WCW, I feel I should support him in some way. Especially since he got rid of Jane Fonda.

There you have it -- how to eat like a king in NYC.

I have to also put in a plug for the Layfield Lure, which is available now on WWE Shop. It is the best fishing lure ever created, and it was invented by my great uncles more than 80 years ago. It's a true legend in the fishing industry.

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