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JBL's Blog

OK, I said I would update my blog and I got heat for not doing it. My buddy from Sweetwater, Brian, keeps giving me hell about not updating this thing, so here you go. Brian and I played on the same little league team his dad coached that went to the state playoffs. However, somewhere along the way Brian started cheering for the Oklahoma Sooners -- I don't know how that happened.

The Layfield Lure, the best fishing lure in the history of fishing, is going to be on WWE.com soon for purchase. My uncles invented this lure back during The Great Depression, and I am bringing it back. You have to give this thing a try, it is awesome.

I have been working on getting this lure into stores for some time. I am glad WWE is taking it to see how it sells. If this product is tried by fishermen, it will fly off the shelves -- it really is that good.

Also, Mama Juana is coming. I don't want to spoil the surprise yet, but I got the first prototypes and they are awesome. This thing will change retail.

I don't understand why the Pats would cheat in a football game; they have the best team along with the best coach. The team that should be cheating is Michigan.

I am looking forward to Unforgiven; I think the event will be as good as SummerSlam.

I was hoping to be Mr. McMahon's son, but it didn't work out. I can't believe the Genetic Jackhammer had a Leprechaun for a son. However, I think the next few weeks of television will be incredibly entertaining.

I am going to hold on to my pick for a Subway Series. I think the Mets and Yankees are getting on a roll at the right time.

I also plan on going down to JR's Bar-B-Q place sometime this fall. Hopefully I'll play a little golf, but I don't think I can bring myself to root for the Sooners; too much water under the bridge for a guy who has cheered for the Longhorns all his life. For whom, by the way, my boy's kid -- Colt McCoy -- is doing a great job.   

Don't forget to watch me on Bulls and Bears this week, Saturday morning at 10 a.m. ET on Fox News.

There Brian, are you happy that I updated my blog?

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