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JBL's Blog

I thought Cena once again delivered in a main event at The Great American Bash. I thought Lashley showed he belonged there as well.

I was very surprised with the SmackDown main event; I thought Batista, Kane and The Great Khali put together a very entertaining match. Hardy vs. MVP was what you would expect, a great wrestling match. Hornswoggle being a champion means that the height difference between the Cruiserweight Champion and World Heavyweight Champion has never been bigger.

The guys were on a brutal trip this week to Perth, Australia. I went surfing last time I was there; WWE was there to film it. I almost drowned before they got tape of me being up on the board.

I got to play Pebble Beach last week, and got brow beaten into playing the tips — that's the pro tees — by a few older guys from San Antonio. Great guys and good golfers, but they played great and I just wondered why I was back that far from the fairway. I did shoot a 91, though.

I am very happy to say the Layfield Lure is coming back and coming back soon. I am setting up a Web site to sell the lure, and I also just talked to a store in East Texas, which is home to the world's largest Layfield Lure collection at the Texas State Fish Hatchery in Athens. I hope to have a display and the lure on sale there soon. 

I also have Mama Juana coming out soon. I am telling you, this will change an industry.

Can I say that our current crop of presidential candidates is about as good as our last crop of presidential candidates, which is not good. Our media has made it to where the best in breed go into business instead of politics, and the country is worse off because of it.

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