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JBL's Blog

Check me out on Bulls and Bears this Saturday on Fox News at 10:00 a.m. ET. I'll be talking about the poverty plans of John Edwards and Barack Obama.

Also, check out my new pics from the Cayman Islands. See the photos...

I am looking forward to the match-up of Cena and Lashley. I am the best one to judge what could happen, seeing as how I faced them both while I was on my way out. In fact, at WrestleMania 21, Cena was crowned the new WWE Champion over me. I knew at the time that it was a passing of the torch.

There was a lot of speculation about Cena at the time, about whether he could carry the company. I was one of the few in his camp. I had wrestled John all over the country and knew that he would one day be as good as he is now. Cena has become what you want in a champion.

I still think they made a mistake by not allowing Cena to close the show that night. Cena had an album coming out and a movie in the works. In hindsight, it was the wrong decision that was made. I felt like this was a chance to crown the next guy who would carry the company.

Short blog, but I will have a huge announcement in a month or so.

Mama Juana is coming and it will change an industry!!!!!

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