JBL's Blog - Finlay's Way, My Way, in a Belfast Brawl

JBL's Blog - Finlay's Way, My Way, in a Belfast Brawl

Belfast Brawl, I like it. I now get to beat Finlay at his own game, now that's cool. It's like beating a Russian in vodka drinking. Gasparov in chess. It's fun winning. At WrestleMania I plan on beating Finlay at his own game in front of 70,000 people, a Belfast Brawl.

It's been two years since I was in WrestleMania, I can't wait. I am going to leave everything out there in the Citrus Bowl in Orlando. I hope Hornswoggle, Finlay's little, pathetic son, can't get pay-per-view at his hospital room that I put him in.

My favorite little store in NYC, Good Nature-on 55th and 2nd, is back in supply of Mamajuana Energy (sex in a bottle). The store ran out while I was out promoting the Web site www.mamajuanaenergy.com and I restocked it this week. Stop by and get you some libido lift, no prescription needed. Or go on the Web site and buy some, you'll love it.

What a loss it is to have Brett Favre leave the game of football. A true class act, a guy who played the game every down because he loved it. So many of these young athletes think the game exists because of them, they don't realize the exact opposite is true. Of course, that could be our business also.

I was at Fox News the other day and I ran into David Lee Roth, he was saying the same thing. The world has changed for performers. Before singers learned their trade in bars and small arenas, same as wrestlers. Now they learn it on reality shows and are thrust into the big time, same as wrestlers. The new guys never get the great experience of learning how to work a crowd.

I watched my buddy Darryl Worley play Arnold's party at Tavern on the Green a few years ago. People were wandering around talking, not paying attention to Darryl. Some had not even heard of Darryl, they weren't country music fans. Within 15 minutes Darryl had the party in the palm of his hand. Al Franken was talking to Sean Hannity-now that is good. Al spent the night dancing with his lovely wife Fran.

Darryl explained afterward that he had worked far worse places with far less interested crowds, he knew how to entertain-and he did. It was mastery at work. That is what learning a business from the ground up will do for you. That is what loving the business will do for a performance. Guys like Brett Favre are a pleasure to watch because you know they love what they are doing.

I have to ask what is so surprising about Eliot Spitzer being rotten? He's a politician, right? Most are either rotten or just stupid. It shouldn't be a surprise Spitzer was with a hooker, he's been screwing Wall Street for years. Spitzer became governor by going after individuals with sometimes very little evidence and with little to no regard for justice. Spitzer chased away a lot of business on Wall Street, all for the sake of being the crusader-so he could get elected.

Spitzer even went after prostitution rings, of course, not the one he was using. Now Stone Street is throwing a party over the fact the crusader has been exposed. It's funny how the holier than thou usually have skeletons in their closets. This is why I don't go after anyone, I have more skeletons than a cemetery.

We still are waiting to announce the retailer for Mamajuana Energy. We have all the documents signed and ready to go, just can't announce it yet. However, you can go on the Web site and check out the new pics and videos from our last adventure at: www.mamajuanaenergy.com.

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